Core idea: let people who want to do things have opportunities. Those who can do things have stage. Only the true talent, the true talent must use.

One is the principle of both virtuous and talent. According to the comprehensive measurement of talents and the requirement of both ability and integrity, the choice and use of talents is a mediocre person.

The two is the principle of "effect theory". In the use of talent, we do not look at the ability to see academic qualifications, not see the level of diplomas, no matter what identity, what education, what age, as long as they do well, do better than others, outstanding performance, boldly enable, entrusted with the responsibility.



I. e - commerce

Women over 23 years of age

Requirements for office:

1. Strong spoken English;

2, familiar with the basic business reception etiquette;

3. Good at communication, strong executive ability, strong learning and acceptance.

Job description:

1. The translation and communication of the foreign mail of the business department;

2, to assist the general manager and business manager in the reception of foreign guests' visit, the company's basic introduction, product introduction, and technology patent introduction;

3. The use and management of e-commerce platform.