Down on fake and inferior products


A few days ago, after receiving customer buy fake products introduce hall on the surface of the foshan complaints, introduce formal report to public security bureau. Consumer reports, has drawn great attention of the public security department. In December 2017, foshan city public security bureau jointly destroy it in jiangxi province public security bureau in it yongxin county counterfeiting dens, many counterfeit products seized more than 30000 bottles, more than 23000 fake products packing box, labeling of more than 36000 pieces of counterfeit products. Relevant suspects have been interrogated by criminal cases further trial.

According to local merchants, in part due to introduce hall brand products are especially popular in the market, so the attention of the outlaws, counterfeit products not only introduce hall, leading to the rights and interests of formal channels affected, has seriously damaged the rights and interests of consumers.

Brands and channels of cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win, in order to maintain regular channels of rights and interests, to introduce hall users get perfect after-sale guarantee, the serious damage to consumers' rights and interests, disruptive marketing channel construction, destruction, introduce introduce hall hall counterfeiting of brand image, the company top leadership attaches great importance to introduce hall and to the general consumers expressed his resolute determination to clean up. Introduce hall company will cooperate with related departments to continue to investigate and punish according to law and comprehensive reorganization, resolutely eliminate fake fake products, serious social and economic order, and at the same time maintain the propaganda, shops selling fake products introduce hall right to legal liability.