Introduce dealers from specification


A, dealers application

1, the applicant must have real name online or entity shop, independent website, enterprises must have a formal business license.

2, can accept and comply with company policy and relevant market main products can have on their own shops, can strictly abide by and execute company price system.

3, the applicant submitted data must be real and effective; Not allowed to use, use the name of another person, or use other improper methods become ever don dealers; If the applicant provides false information or do not conform to the requirements of the philosopher don or in an improper way and obtain philosopher don dealer status, introduce hall reserved once found to its processing (including immediate termination of the distribution of power of attorney).

4, introduce hall reserved to accept or reject any person the right to apply for ever become shenzhen hall dealers.

Second, the dealer's responsibility

1, abide by the laws and regulations, respect social morality, follow the principle of voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credit to carry out business activities.

Promulgated by the # 2, abide by the philosopher dealers in all kinds of operating conditions, rules and regulations and in the contract period for the modification, alteration, the provisions of the supplement.

3, comply with the requirements of the order and sales

3.1 order shall not be used, to borrow the name of another person, nor may it will be my "marketing authorization" transfer or lend it to others to use.

3.2 carefully estimated sales amount reasonable order, must not blindly hoarding products cause the inventory backlog, expired products shall not foreign sales.

3.3 without the consent of the company, and may not be on unauthorized sites selling the products of the company.

3.4 it is strictly prohibited to dealers with malicious price cutting, disguised himself or others on methods such as disrupt the market.

4 to comply with the requirements of the product promotion

4.1 in strict accordance with the philosopher don provide product information introduction and promotion products, not the use of the product, performance, functions, usage, dosage of exaggeration, false propaganda, more not cheat and mislead consumers.

5 to comply with the requirements of the market

5.1 it is strictly prohibited in the process of doing business involved in politics, religion and superstition, pyramid schemes and other improper or unethical behavior.

Such as violation of the above specification, introduce hall reserve the right to cancel the qualification of dealers and stop supply.

The code of the power of interpretation belongs to shenzhen introduce hall trade co., LTD.